Saturday, July 2, 2011

Thrifty Ladies!

As we have blogged about before, books are a MAJOR weakness of ours.  We are always looking for cheaper ways to outfit our classroom library.  Well today, on our way to the Dollar Store, we decided to stop at a thrift store!

We had fairly low expectations when we went inside, but were very pleasantly surprised!  Not only was there an AWESOME selection, most of the books were current titles and in excellent condition.  The best part?  They were all just 25 cents!  We each got around 30 books each, for the low price of $9.00.  Most tthrift stores are affiliated in some way with charities, so you really feel good about your spending as well.  Also, when we only spend 25 cents on a book, it's easier to not worry so much about the kids being careful with them!  We love this because the more books the students have access to, the better they will read!

Check out our haul!

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  1. Good will is one of my favorite places for classroom library books - I don't care if they get taken home or misplaced. They also have great puzzles and occasionally classroom games. Gotta love it!