Friday, July 15, 2011

Bulletin Board Saying Party!

Really Roper had a great idea for sharing bulletin board ideas. Click on the picture below to join on in the fun to share your ideas, and grab some new ones too!

I wish I had a picture and I will post when I put it up in a couple weeks. In the beginning of the year for my bulletin board I take a piece of poster board and cover most of it with black butcher paper (like a Polaroid) and on the black butcher paper in chalk I write Say Cheese To Kindergarten! and on the bottom I write Miss Young's Class. Then at registration I take a picture of each of my students and after they are developed I cut their pictures out in the shape of a circle. I buy the camera cutouts from Schoolbox (There are enough for a class set in one package). I glue the each students picture in the lens of the camera with their name under it. I then put the cameras randomly on the board with the "Polaroid" in the middle.It's pretty adorable if I do say so myself;) This year I think I am going to laminate the cameras and use them to hang their work all year.

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