Friday, July 1, 2011

Dollar Goodies

We were out leisurely shopping and we COULD NOT resist all the great stuff we saw the one spot at Target and at the Dollar Tree! Take a look:
We found these great Sesame Street books to put in our classroom library at the One Spot at Target.

Found these great card games at the Dollar Tree. These will make great literacy and math stations!

We got these great charts at Target in the toy section. There is one for a bulletin board design, one for birthdays, and one for a daily activity chart. Each one was $2.50....such a great deal! I mean how could we resist?!?!

How cute are these for helping students get to know community helpers?!?! Found at the One Spot a Target.

These goodies guessed it...from the Dollar Tree. They had great stuff! The sentence strips to write sight words  for the word wall. There is a cute postcard to send to students right before school starts to introduce yourself.  Also, reward tickets and great stickers (a teacher's best friend)

These are some great things for the treasure box! We like to get stuff for the treasure box that has more than one thing in the pack, more bang for your buck, all of there were from the Dollar Tree.

At the Dollar Tree we found this great sound tube. And thought...what a great way to teach sound!  It can be used as an easy experiment to study how fast and slow vibrations teach pitch.  You can demonstrate and then the kids can try!

At Target we found these great sticker incentive charts. We each have "Sticking to Good Behavior" Charts in our classroom(more to come on that later) and these will work perfect for positive reinforcement!

We also found these great sticker charts at the Dollar Tree. We were thinking these would be great to put in students' homework folders as a reference chart for when they do their homework.  We got some for money, colors, letters, time, and they had some more on place value and measurement for older students.
And last but not least the Weather Chart from The One Spot at Target. On the other side it has a place for predicting the weather for tomorrow.

So after spending a small fortune each we were very satisfied with our purchases;) Great minds must think alike, check out our friend The Lessson Plan Diva


  1. It's always interesting to compare what each store has. My Target had been picked over a bit before I got there, and what I found (and just blogged about) was different but still great! Maybe your items will be at my store next week!

    Miss B, Busy Bee

  2. I should have known my bestie would spend as much money as I did! WELL DONE LADIES!!

    Lesson Plan Diva