Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Behavior Management Sheet

Over at the Lesson Plan Diva she is having a linky party about behavior plans. There are some great ideas!Head on over and join in!

Last school year I had a student who did not seem to respond to any behavior modification plan. Then I started brainstorming and picking coworkers brains' trying to figure out what in the world would work. A teacher that was helping me brainstorm asked what he liked and showed me a behavior management chart she had used and had success with. He LOVED Spiderman so that's when it clicked. I googled a picture of Spiderman and printed it out in color on card stock and then cut it into about 8 pieces (1 piece per time of day) and put Velcro on the back on each piece and the other side of the Velcro on another piece of card stock. We broke the day into 8 parts to make it manageable for him and started off with him having to get 5 out of the 8 pieces to pick a prize and then slowly moved it up to 8 out of 8. After each part of the day he would evaluate with me if a teacher had to talk to him or if he made good decisions. If he did he could color a spiderman AND put on a piece of the spiderman puzzle (it was a great visual!) If he did not we would talk about what he did and how the behavior could improve. I would write the behavior in the "comments" section. At the end of the day we would count and if he got the predetermined amount of pieces he could pick which prize he wanted. If he did not we would discuss how he could change his behavior to earn a prize the next day. He would take it home and his parents would sign and he would return it the next day so it was constant communication with the parents. I worked it out with his parents that if he had a good day he got a prize of his choosing at school and then the parents would also reward him at home by playing a game or something of his choosing, same with consequences. Hope you have success with this as well. Click HERE for your own copy and hopefully you can use it to adjust to your schedule and tailor it to your students needs.

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  1. i would love to use this in my classroom-- how do I change the 2 goals??? i can't manipulate it on docs.???