Monday, July 30, 2012

After're my wonderwall :-)

Welcome back!
We have had a restful summer, spent pinning a lot of good ideas on Pinterest!  This Wonderwall was one of the great ideas, so we brainstormed how to incorporate this into our classrooms.  "I Wonder..." charts are so useful to engage student learning, but we liked the idea of having one reusable chart, instead of having to keep up with several charts all year.  So we created our own......

The speech bubble die-cuts were purchased from The School Box (split a pack with a buddy because there were way more than were needed).  We put them inside a cheap frame from Ikea.  We left a mostly blank piece of paper instead to write what our topic is, or tape a picture of what we are introducing.  The plan is to use dry erase makers to record the students' thoughts (for upper grades you could have the students record their ideas themselves).  A quick and easy project, put together for less than $10!