Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! 2 Freebies!!!!

Hope you wore green so you didn't get pinched;) Sorry it took so long to post this....better late than never right?!?! This a St. Patrick's day writing activity that I did with my students last week and they loved it! Luckily the art teacher at my school had students make a four leaf clover with a pot of gold so I didn't have to do that part in my classroom. I made this sentence starter for my students to finish and cut and glue on each leaf on the clover. My favorite is the one that says " I am lucky because I have the best teacher."~ Reminds me of why I teach;) Click on any of the pictures to grab your own freebie!
I also created a Wanted! Paper that is similar to the heart one I made for Valentine's Day. Click HERE to grab your copy!

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