Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Spin Class

So all summer, when ever I visited The School Box, I kept eyeing something awesome.  I talked myself out of it every time.  Then the school year started and I finally caved a bought one.  So without further ado.....

So the package I bought was just one, and it was the red arrow.  I am so happy I made this purchase, it makes lessons so much more interactive and fun for the kids.  It has been a great center activity as well.  Here is a picture of when we used it to learn about Word Families:

You can use it for anything, math, reading, or language arts.  It's magnetic and sticks to the board for easy storage.  You can pick one up at your local School Box, or online from the company,

I have already had friends get them and they love them as well!

Happy Spinning!

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