Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our Earth and Our Country

Our First Social Studies Unit is "Our Earth and Our Country", or Global Position.  It is hard to fit Social Studies in at the start of the year, but with so much curriculum to cover, we have to hit the ground running.

I find myself using a lot of maps to teach this unit.  We have desk maps and a wall map in our classroom.  We are also fortunate enough to have interactive white boards in our rooms, so those come in handy a lot during this unit.  Hopefully you caught Third Grade Gridiron's post on using Brainpop and Pete's Power Point Station to teach this concept, it was super helpful!

I always find myself searching for first grade appropriate assessments for this unit, and have trouble finding ones that I like, so I made some!  This Global Position Unit has a vocabulary matching game, as well as some assessments.  It is also one of my personal goals to challenge my students more this year, so I included some Depth of Knowledge journal prompts.  Hope this helps you all out there!

Snag your copy here!

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